Course Information System (CIS)

About CIS

The Course Information System (CIS) is a large and complex internal system at the University of Toronto. It handles many of the administrative tasks with regards to the lifecycle of a course, from creating and submitting marking schemes, to handling information about final exams and arranging accommodated tests.

I have worked on many aspects of CIS and designed a large part of it. I have led many ideation sessions, business requirements gathering meetings with different stakeholders, as well as many usability tests with users either in person or online.

Below you can find some sample designs of my work for CIS.

One of the concepts for the homepage of CIS. Providing an at-a-glance summary of what the user needs to submit.

A page called "My Courses" that holds a table with all the courses for the selected module.

This is the "Deadlines" page of an administrator user. This user has access to set deadlines for when instructors need to submit each deliverable by.

This is a page from an instructor user, where we can see the multi-step widget I designed and that is being used throughout the application. It allows users to go through and complete the tasks they need to in an easier to consume way.

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